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As a licensed, independent professional, your unique status grants you both the privileges and the responsibilities of being a “business owner.” Among those responsibilities is to protect yourself, your income, the salon where you work, and, of course, your clients. But when it comes to your insurance coverage, have you asked yourself these questions?
    • Do you know that when you’re not working on the salon premises you are not covered by their insurance. (e.g., weddings, special events, volunteer work, etc.)?
    • Does your salon’s insurance policy cover you for all the services you actually perform?
    • Are you sure their policy is paid for and in force?
    • Is your client properly protected by the salon’s coverage?
    • Are you certain your signed lease contract doesn’t require you to carry your own insurance?
    • Are you certain your clients are protected properly under the salon’s insurance policy?
  • Are you really independent when you are dependent on the salon’s insurance coverage?
In the unhappy circumstance you are faced with a legal or tax-related action, you can count on the fact that the first thing to be examined in detail will be the elements of your declared independent status. If you’re relying on the salon policy for your protection, when that status comes into question you may be in for a nasty surprise.
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The Solution: 225

Own your own insurance policy. Insure Beauty has designed a unique program with an A++ rated company that solves all these problems, covers all your work activities, on premise or off, covers your landlord, and protects you, and your clients. Coverage is provided for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for bodily injury, property damage, and product liability. Professional liability is also included. We are proud to offer Independent Stylist / Booth Renter Insurance for the following states with NO TAXES OR ADDITIONAL FEES:

California, Arizona, Colorado, & Oregon - from $225/year

North Carolina – from $199/year

instant quote for Booth Renters in AZ, CA, CO, NC, & OR
Get Protected! Click here for an instant online quote for Booth Renters in AZ, CA, CO, NC, & OR