About Us

Pulford Insurance and Insure Beauty

It was 1973. Insure Beauty’s founder, Jeff Pulford was a young man with big dreams in the midst of Central California’s beautiful coastal region, between Monterey Bay and the Salinas Valley vegetable fields. Jeff opened Pulford Insurance Agency and worked hard, focusing the company on home and auto policies, and learning the many lessons all small businesses need to know. As the years passed, Pulford Insurance’s reputation for attention to detail, industry category knowledge, top-notch client service, and fast claim service spread. Jeff’s growing agency was soon covering small, medium, and large businesses throughout the western U.S. Jeff’s and his team share a strong work ethic and are proud to represent the country’s top insurance companies. These companies have become friends, allies, and partners and the solid relationships with these A+ carriers  over the years has resulted in lower premiums, better risk management, and stability for all of Pulford’s and Insure Beauty’s customers.  

A Focus on Beauty

Beauty salons and colleges have always been important to Jeff. Because of Pulford’s dedication to all of their customers and their own financial stability, they were offered a magnificent opportunity to work full-time with salons, spas, barbers, and beauty schools. When Jeff first immersed himself in the professional beauty industry, he discovered an amazing population of truly talented and dedicated people … people of great spirit and love, always inspired to help others, and who give so much of themselves to the causes important to them. Everyone at Pulford learned so much about giving back and they, too, now share that journey in many ways into the future.

The Beauty Industry Is Unique

Time is a great teacher, and they have learned their lessons well. The Pulford Agency and Insure Beauty have become industry experts in insurance, human resources, risk management, leases, booth renting, laws, and regulations for beauty, an industry like few others. The programs they have developed have the lowest cost, policy issuance is simple, and claims handling is fast and professional. The experience gained over the years is being fully utilized to help and serve you and many others in this amazing industry.